Babak Valipour Solo Performances- Part One

Babak Valipour Solo Performances- Part One 1

Here there are some videos that I have recorded with my home equipment. In this section you can watch solo pieces composed by contemporary composers such as Andrew York, Leo Brouwer and Francis Kleynjans. I intend to extend this video repertoire, so I publish other compositions of great classical composers as separate parts in the website. Hope you enjoy

Andew York, prominent American guitarist, has written several valuable pieces for classical guitar. He is interested in Jazz and East music so we can always hear new atmosphere in his works. Francis Kleynjans, French guitarist, has composed numerous pieces for classical guitar in different styles. Kleynjans’s ear-catching music now is familiar to guitar lovers. Leo Brouwer is one of the most outstanding classical figures in our time. Besides several astonishing compositions, Brouwer has written some important studies with special musicality and atmosphere

Babak Valipour plays Andecy composed by Andrew York

Babak Valipour plays Why composed by Andrew York

Babak Valipour plays Lamento composed by Francis Kleynjans


Babak Valipour plays Etude No.2 Omaggio a Mangore composed by Leo Brouwer

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